Land Remediation

The management at North Beds Ltd have amassed over 35 years experience in site clearance & Brownfield site regeneration.  We offer a comprehensive project package from initial excavation to the removal of contaminated ground ensuring the site is completely cleared of all hazardous materials; thus enabling additional construction work to commence without hindrance or delay.

Our ability to manage a multitude of specialised disciplines allows management to cope with all unforeseen difficulties that may be encountered during the various stages of work, ensuring ultimate satisfaction to the Client.

Our key environmental services are:

  • Excavation & Filling
  • Brownfield Site Regeneration
  • Contaminated Land Remediation
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Site Clearance
  • Landscaping

Tank / Boiler Removal

North Beds Ltd Specialise in all types of tank removal and boiler removal.

Tank De-Gassing, Cleaning & Removal services are routinely carried out by our highly experienced staff.
Contaminated soil around underground tanks can be removed as part of environmental service we provide.


Fly Tipping Removal

North Beds Ltd has the capability to remove all types of materials ranging from asbestos sheeting, gas cylinders to household waste.

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